A Smorgasbord of reviews – 28:05:2013

Whitstable cover image

While we were away doing the book launch thing for Whitstable in the seaside town of Whitstable itself, more than a few reviews of Stephen Volk’s novella winged their way into our email inbox. So, this Tuesday morning, please indulge us while we tell you about, and provide links to, them all.

First off is This Is Horror‘s assessment, written by Michael Wilson – you can find that one right here.

Next up we have a review from Sarah Watkins, posted to her And Then I Read A Book blog – that one is here.

Thirdly, Des Lewis has completed his real-time review of Whitstable and you can read his thoughts about it here.

DVD Choices has a very short, but nevertheless sweet, review written by Barry Forshaw here .

Here’s one from Mark Gordon Palmer over on the Seat at the Back Cinema Magazine – go here for that one.

Keith B. Walters also took a look at the book, and this is what he thought of it.

And, finally for Whitstable for now, this is the full SFX Magazine review as written by Ian Berriman, uploaded to their website. You’ll find that one here.

Creakers front cover by Neil Williams

Paul Kane’s Creakers also received a new review – this one is from Dread Central and is from the pen of Pestilence. That one is here.

More soon!

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    Simon,   Whitstable arrived today – thanks very much.   All the best   Neil.


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